At Castle funerals we understand that every funeral is a unique opportunity to remember and celebrate the life of your loved one. We offer a vast range of services to cater for your unique needs. From church services to private cremations, and services to suit all nationalities and religions, we promise to arrange the perfect service for your loved one, to farewell them with dignity and grace.

Church Services/ Memorial Mass

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For many, a memorial mass or religious service is an important part of farewelling a loved one.

Catering to your specific religious needs, Castle Funerals can help you arrange a service at a church of your preference, including prayers, readings and ceremonies of your choosing.

We have conducted services at churches of all denominations and religions across Sydney, and are welcomed by all venues. We can also arrange services at cemetery chapels or graveside services with a celebrant to suit your needs.

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Cremation is a preferred option as a final disposition in many cultures and religions. Many choose cremations in Australia for cost effectiveness, as an eco-conscious option, or for religious and spiritual reasons.

Cremations usually involve a short service in the crematorium chapel, followed by the cremation itself.

The ashes of your loved one are then placed in an urn of your choosing, for you to do with as you wish. Some choose to scatter ashes in places of significance for their loved one, whether a beloved childhood home or at sea. Others may prefer to memorialise their loved ones ashes in a wall niche or memorial garden, or keep the ashes at home as a keepsake.

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Burying a loved one can be a crucial act of closure, and may be an important way of honouring your loved ones wishes. Each burial is different, and there are many aspects to consider.

Many people already own plots in cemeteries around Sydney, or may choose to purchase one in a cemetery of their choosing. You may then choose to hold a funeral service in a church, cemetery chapel, or conduct a graveside service. We are also able to help you arrange vault or crypt burials to suit your needs.

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In-Home Services

At Castle Funerals, we understand that every funeral is different, and we have many different services on offer to ensure your day is as personal and special as possible.

Some may prefer an intimate, private ceremony in the home of a loved one. This can be a special way to farewell the deceased in a place where they were comfortable, surrounded by only those most important to you.

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Wakes & Memorial Services

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Following a funeral service, many choose to hold a wake or memorial service to celebrate the life of their loved one with friends and family. These may be held in a range of locations, including in homes, at a private venue or in a cemetery function room.

At Castle Funerals, let us take the stress out of organising your event so that you can spend this difficult time with your loved ones. We can help you organise all aspects of a wake or memorial, including venue, transportation, catering, tributes and floristry.

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Arranging a funeral can be an overwhelming task as you grieve the loss of a loved one. Let us take the stress out of arrangements so that you can focus on spending time with those most important to you. We have a large number of trusted vendors to take care of all aspects of your funeral arrangements for you.

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Choosing the perfect resting place for your loved one can be an important part of the bereavement process. With so many options available and details to consider, choosing the right coffin or casket can be a difficult decision.

We are proud to partner with Scientia Coffins to offer you a wide range of beautiful, high quality coffins and caskets to suit all needs and budgets. Let us take care of the process for you, or browse their collection.

Scientia Coffins
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Coffin Wraps

Themed to suit the personality of your loved one, we can provide customised coffins to add a creative touch to the funeral service. This innovative approach and personal service helps families celebrate the life of their loved one in a unique and special way. With a range of elegant styles & concepts to choose from, we can personalise a coffin with names, photos and memorabilia to suit your needs.

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Floral arrangements are an important part of many funeral services. A beautiful arrangement brings comfort to those in mourning, and is a special final tribute to a lost loved one. Whether elegant simplicity or colourful radiance, we are able to help you choose the perfect arrangement to memorialise your loved one.

Abdo Florist is our florist of choice to provide beautiful casket covers, decorative arrangements and floral tributes. We will also happily partner with a florist of your own choosing.

Abdo Florist
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Unique Vintage Cars/ General Car Hire

Elegant modes of transportation can help to make the final journey of your loved one special, and allow you to farewell them in style. Together with our partners at Brentwood Limousines, we are able to offer a wide variety of hearses, limousines, sedans and vintage cars.

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Ash Urns

Following a cremation, finding the right keepsake to hold their ashes is an important part of memorialising your loved one. Castle Funerals will assist you in finding the perfect vessel for your needs, whether for scattering, mounting in a memorial niche, or as a decorative keepsake for you to keep on the mantle.

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Audio/Visual Services

Having visual and audio documentation can be a heartfelt way to celebrate the life of a loved one and document the special moments of their memorial. This can also be an important way to include those who are unable to attend a service. Many find that screening a photo tribute or presentation helps with the grieving process, looking back on special memories and celebrating their life.

We partner with Funeral Video Australia to provide videography, photography and commemorative photo tributes to capture the important moments of a memorial service with respect and sincerity, and tell the story of a life well lived.

Funeral Video Australia
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Memorial Cards/ Printed Needs

Many funeral and memorial services require printed programs, orders of service or remembrance cards for guests. At Castle Funerals we can arrange all your design and printing needs.

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Funeral service in Catholic Church

Celebrants & Clergy

Finding the right celebrant can be a vital part of ensuring a funeral service is conducted with empathy and dignity, and ensuring a personal ceremony that celebrates the life of a loved one. At Castle Funerals we partner with a range of celebrants to offer you the right ceremony to suit your needs. We are also able to arrange services for any religious denomination with certified clergy members as you require.

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Press notice

Releasing a notice in the press of a person's passing allows an opportunity to memorialise them publicly, as well as ensuring the details of their passing and funeral arrangements reach the wider community. Let us take care of this for you, and we will ensure a dignified and heartfelt memorial reaches those who need to see it.

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We are able to arrange all catering needs for your service, whether light refreshments or a full meal. We have partnerships with caterers at all major cemeteries in Sydney, but can also arrange appropriate catering at churches or hired venues. Let us take the hassle out of caring for your guests so that you can focus on your loved ones.

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